Why Men Date Younger Women: Understanding The Attraction

In the relationship world, real love enthusiasts say that age is just but a mere number and that attraction runs deeper than anything scientific or material possession can explain. But is this a true theory or a mere assumption that is based on useless facts? Behavioral scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, talk show hosts and virtually almost everyone in the dating scene regardless of gender is on the lookout for some concrete answers as to why men, especially older men are continually going for younger women instead of women their age. There are lots of stereotypical reasons people tend to think as to why men like to date younger women. Below is a peek as to some of the reasons, both scientific and social, that will help you understand the logic behind the attraction of men to younger women.

Great Physical Features in Younger Women

“Men are more visual than women”

It is a universal truth that men are visual creatures. And as such they tend to place a greater emphasis on physical attractiveness in women than women do in men. Age does not help in this matter as men of all ages are attracted and will always date women who visually attract them. Some features men look for mostly are those that are connected to a woman’s fertility. On a first encounter, men take the face as a start point before proceeding to the other body parts. Youthful, mature features such as smooth skin, large eyes, full hips and sensual lips are found attractive by men worldwide. And you can be sure that when men go to sites for dating younger women, these are some of the things they look for. Of importance is the face that all these features are likely to be spotted in younger women as compared to older women.

Good Body Proportions in Younger Women

“If she has a good body, men would worship her”

Still on features, men on sites for dating younger women tend to focus more on body proportions. Good body proportions contribute to men’s appraisal of feminine beauty. Scientific research has established that, most men tend to fall for women with a waist that is 70% the width of her hips. As women age and as premenopausal conditions sets in, the size of her waist tends to gradually increase to a point where it becomes almost equal to the hip width and this is where older women tend to lose out in dating men.

Fertility and the Need to Reproduce

Evolutionary psychology suggest that people in general are likely to be attracted to the people who look like are might be fertile, less so men. Certainly, men frequenting sites for dating younger women in search for a mate to breed with must pick someone of an age of likely fertility. Women tend to lose fertility as they get to late twenties and lose it completely after menopause. This is not the case with men, who will remain fertile until much later in their life. Thus for men looking for a date with whom to procreate with, younger women tend to score very well in this regard.

Connecting With the Younger Generation

“Understanding the same age connection”

To some men, especially older men who feel that they have missed out on pleasures life has to offer during their early years, they may seek a younger companion in bid to try and experience the feeling of being young again. They seek a connection with the culture of the youth, maintaining a connection with the fashion, music and media which women of their age group have ostensibly outgrown. In seeking the youth which has escaped them, older men may enjoy the sexual vigor which partners of their age group may no longer possess.

The Same Level of Connection

Young men and women at the same age level share different levels of connection. The most important human need is connection and for a relationship to thrive, both partners must share the same level of connection. The connection need however is different for women and men at the same age level. Younger women have more of a need for connection. While they want to be established in their careers, they also want to establish a family. On the other hand younger men are focused on the need for significance and as such their primary focus is figuring out a way to make it in the world. In adult relationships, the connection needs are often in conflict for partners at the same age level, as women want more intimacy while the younger man wants to succeed in his career and thus succeed in life eventually. It is with this in mind that psychologist and sociologist have come up with the conclusion that older men and younger women share the same need for connection

Mid-Life Crisis in Older Men and Women

Still on connection, older men will visit sites for dating younger women for not only the connection but also the notion of making it right in mind. Older men seldom fall for the scams but sometimes they do. Check out seeking arrangement scam here: http://meet-younger-women.com/reviews/seekingarrangment/. It is clear from a very good dating site review that this site is a scam. Older men need to be more careful about these scam sites.
While it is true that younger men are focused on significance, it is also true that a mid-life crisis ensues as he gets much older. With the onset of ageing, the older man realizes that he squandered his youth in search of power and neglected his family in the process. Simultaneously, the older woman she married during his youth is tired of putting herself second in order to serve her family and her husband and is ready to ready to go back to school and pursue the career she put on hold for her family. With this conflicting need, the older man will seek a younger woman who connects with him in sites for dating women or in real life with the idea of making-it-right-this-time. He may even be considering of starting a family with the younger woman.

Reassuring the Man’s Ego

“Younger women like to stroke men’s ego”

Men are said to have huge egos compared to women. Regardless of their age, they tend to place much significance to their egos and as such will go to any extent to stroke and reassure it. This is especially prevalent in older men who will find women of their age less attractive, as they lack culturally-based power that reassures their fragile, ageing egos that they are still hot and hip and filled with potential. Attracting and dating a girl who is in her teen’s works wonders in validating the enduring power of the older man’s appeal. Thus inspiring desire in younger women becomes the most potent of all anti-ageing remedies for all men, especially so to older men.

Younger Women Are Considered Easy to Impress

The allure here is that younger women are less judgmental and less set in their ways as they haven’t experienced much out of life. They are thus considered easier to impress as most of the things you do to the younger woman are most likely things she hasn’t experienced. Additionally, younger women haven’t had much time to consider about how a man is supposes to treat them and chances are that she won’t be so particular which is what most men are searching for, a woman that is not so fussy.
For too many men regardless the age but more so to older men, it seems that the sexual validation of their female peers is less appealing than the kind they believe can only come from women much younger than them due to the above reasons.

5 Memorable Places to Take Her on a First Date

So, you’ve nabbed yourself a honey on a personals dating site, but the reviews and comments on the site don’t teach you any good dating tactics…no worries, man! Figuring out what to do for the first date is one of the hardest things for any guy; it’s not just you. To help you out and provide you with some good reviews and tips, we have created a guide. Read The Comprehensive Men’s Guide to Adult Dating Tactics and learn more about personals dating tactics and reviews. We know that the first date has to be memorable, just the right amount of romantic without being too clingy, unique, and fun – that’s a lot of expectation to place on a guy! Don’t stress about it anymore, because it’s really not that hard to decide on the perfect venue to take your girl to. Here are five places that are guaranteed to leave her breathless!


“It doesn’t have to flashy first date – you can enjoy some good time in a park”

Free and classic, taking your girl to the park is a great way to let her know that you’re interested in romancing her, not just getting her home. And besides, it’s likely that she listed “taking walks” in her personals dating profile; review her info again and decide if this tactic is for you. Taking a nice walk through a beautiful park and ending it with the perfect little picnic will completely blow her mind. Guys these days are just interested in buying girls a fancy dinner so they can get them home and into bed, so she won’t have had this before, especially not from a first date. Planning out a nice picnic is a little work intensive, but it’s totally worth it to see how excited she is when you let her know where you’re going. Parks are open and airy, and they allow for conversation instead of just eating and leaving. If you don’t want to do all the preparation yourself, let her come to the store with you to help pick out food! If you’re good, she might just prepare it for you. Pack light foods that won’t fill her up too much, or else she won’t be up for much after she eats. Do, however, bring some wine or other alcohol to offer her so she loosens up a bit – calming her nerves might land you a kiss, or even more.

Hibachi Restaurants

“If you both like Japanese grilled food, this would be a perfect place”

Increasingly popular, hibachi restaurants are popping up everywhere. These unique Japanese grills are performance-driven and completely innovative. They might look expensive, but are generally just mid-range and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Thrill her with a completely unique grilling experience – the chef cooks right in front of you, lights things on fire, flips shrimp into your mouth, the whole shebang. These restaurants are typically pretty noisy, and “performances” are held in a group setting, so there’s no need to worry about awkward conversation. Just ask her how she likes her food, what she wants to eat/drink, and make comments about the chef’s show. There really isn’t much room for small talk anyway, so don’t worry about it! If you’re one who shies away from smooth talking and romantic conversation, a hibachi restaurant is a perfect choice for you.


“Don’t let Drive-ins fade into the History”

This one might seem a little too old school, but she’s guaranteed to love it. Drive-ins still exist in most cities, though they aren’t widely used. Other guys she’s gone out with will have taken her to the movies, yeah, but a drive-in is a totally different experience. Not only do you get to see the film on a bigger screen, but you also get to enjoy it from the comfort and privacy of your own car. If you don’t think it’s a good idea to spend hours in a parked car in the dark (legally!!) with your girlfriend, you need to reconsider. This is a choice way to get some on the first date, even if she’s a modest girl. Get your snacks, pack a few beers for the film, lean back your seats, and relax while you watch the film. Pull “Grease” and use this opportunity to wrap your arm around her – in a theater, it would seem crude. At the drive-in, this move seems cheesy but endearing. Not to mention it gets your hand closer to her breasts, which is always a good plan. Watching a movie in your car is better too, because if your hands start wandering, it’s way easier to keep from getting caught. If you want to get her to put out right away, the drive-in is your best bet to get lucky while still taking her on a unique and memorable date.


“First date on a lake side – just an amazing experience”

Obviously, if your first date with your girl from the personals dating sites is during the winter, review the rest of the article to decide your dating tactics. It won’t be any fun if you two are out in the cold, but for nice days in the spring, summer, and fall, the lake is a perfect choice for a first date. It’s a good way to get out talking away from everybody else, and you can pack a meal like in the above date at a park. Picnics are automatically romantic, but a picnic on a boat will really win her over. If you have fishing supplies, you can also do a bit of that to help pass the time. Most lakes that are decently sized offer boat rental for cheap so don’t worry about it if you don’t have one of your own! If it’s a first date, she’ll be happy with just a tiny canoe or a small, motorized boat with a flat deck. Don’t go over the top or else she’ll think it’s creepy – think small, sweet, and sincere. Even if that’s totally not you, first dates are first impressions and you don’t want her to think that you’re not romantic. Girls don’t date guys who can’t take them on a nice date, so if you want to do more than just screw, planning a little getaway for you two are impressive to her.

Your Place

“Make something for her – Show off your cooking skills”

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right! Your place can actually be the perfect location for a first date if you play your cards right. Personals dating sites reviews definitely won’t be teaching you this tactic, and that’s because most guys just don’t think of it! They think that to impress her they have to take her out for a stellar dinner and spend a ton of money – false! You don’t have to break the bank blowing her mind on the first date; she’ll be just as impressed if not more so if you plan a stay-home date instead. Cooking for her is a one-way ticket to her heart, so if you can do that you’re golden. If you aren’t much of a cook, just fake it! It’s okay to pretend like you’ve had that rotisserie chicken in the oven for hours and that you slaved for ages over that potato salad that you bought from your grocery store deli – just don’t let her find out! Hide wrappers and such to make it look convincing, and serve her yourself. Afterwards, cuddle up with a good movie and a drink – it’s cozy and will help her be more comfortable. A lot of girls are much more at ease in a setting that isn’t public, so using your place as a date site might be just what she needed.

How to Hookup in Japan

“Japanese women like foreigners”
“Japanese women like foreigners”

If you’re planning a trip to Japan in the near future and want to make sure that you get laid while you’re there, there are a few different things you need to consider. First of all, no scam sex hookup site is going to tell you the best way to get laid in a foreign country; you have to find the real deal and really read up on this kind of thing in order to get an authentic experience. Don’t go for prostitutes (there are lots of them in big cities, just like anywhere else); there are a lot of Japanese women that will kill to sleep with a foreign dude, so get ready to have some fun.

Speaking The Language

If you were fluent in Japanese, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be reading this article. A lot of guys that go to Japan for business trips definitely aren’t fluent, and that’s fine. You don’t need to speak Japanese in order to get a cute girl in bed over there!

“It is not necessary to learn Japanese to hook up with women in Japan”
“It is not necessary to learn Japanese to hook up with women in Japan”

One of the things to realize is that Japanese women really are quite intelligent and cultured. So many men fetishize them that it’s a shame that this is often overlooked, and the fact that they want to have a casual hookup with a foreign guy doesn’t make them any less intelligent or interesting. It just means they have more of a sense of fun, which is great for you.

Most of the time, the women that are interested in hooking up with foreigners are at local bars in bigger cities. Keep that in mind when you are looking for women on your trip to Japan. Roppongi is a famous place to go and hookup in Japan, and it’s basically one of the most active places of nightlife in Tokyo. There are quite a few foreigners doing the same thing as you would–hanging out in this area, hitting up bars, clubs and restaurants all in hopes of finding a gorgeous Japanese woman to take home with you. If you’re lucky, that’s going to happen. If you aren’t, then it won’t. It’s as simple as that!

Often times, foreigners approach the issue of sex way too abruptly. You’re not trying to pull out all the crappy tactics of a scam sex dating website on these girls. Seriously! These scam sites have really messed up with the minds of the people visiting Japan. You must read this review of Adult friend finder first. Check the Review of AdultFriendFinder: Is It a Legit Hookup Site? and stay clear from the scam sex hookup sites online. What you need is a more subtle way to meet the girls, just like the rest of Japanese culture tends to be. One of the best ways for a foreigner to charm a Japanese lady is to ask for help with the language, which they are always eager to oblige. By learning a bit more Japanese and by having them assist you, you can really get to know them better, and they’ll usually feel pretty happy about having helped a foreigner out. The Japanese are usually thrilled to have foreigners try and learn about their language and culture, which is the first step into their beds!

“Japanese women also fantasize about foreign men”
“Japanese women also fantasize about foreign men”

The best thing about Japanese women is that they are extremely interested in non-Japanese men. They want to know a lot about us, and are often pretty touchy-feely. You can’t go wrong with that, and by all means, let her feel how different your hair is than hers! It might surprise you, but these girls are a lot pushier and more dominant than their demure stereotypes would let on. That should be a turn-on for you, and roll with it while you’re there. Let them be in control, and you’ll see a lot more of a success rate. Letting a Japanese woman decide the pace of a conversation, of your relationship, and in general, the level of intimacy that will be shown is always a sure-fire way to see if your relationship is going to go anywhere at all.

Love Hotels, The Final Frontier

Japan is awesome, and it’s because it actually has hotels that are specifically for just having sex in. Sure, a lot of other countries have similar things, but they have it down to an art in Japan. That’s where you will be taking your new Japanese hookup to without a doubt, so get familiar with how they operate.

Love hotels might have a bad rap and a lot of them might seem as sleazy as scam sex hookup sites or something close to it. That’s not the case at all, though. These hotels are even good for married couples wanting to get out of the house and away from their kids to actually have some fun having sex that particular evening.

“An inside view of a love hotel in Japan”
“An inside view of a love hotel in Japan”

For you and your new hookup, don’t be surprised if she drags you to a love hotel immediately. This is where the bulk of your hookup will take place. Love hotels are simple and easy, and often times, you can just put money into a machine to get the key to a room. That’s what makes them so discreet and easy to use and in Japan; remember that subtlety like that is absolutely the key to a fun time!

Once you’re in the love hotel, the sky’s the limit. There are a bunch of them that are more high-dollar, and often have themed rooms that you and your new hookup can choose from. Find out what she likes the most, and splurge on that. It’ll make her come back for more, which is especially important if you honestly have a limited time in Japan. No matter if you’re there for business or pleasure, there’s usually a time limit in mind, so you want to make it last.

Japanese Women and Their Bodies

“Japanese women have sexy bodies”
“Japanese women have sexy bodies”

The thing about Japanese women is that they really aren’t afraid of showing off their bodies. They want to be called cute and pretty, and so you should make sure to compliment her if you actually want to get laid. They aren’t afraid of intimacy, either; they just want that to be subtle, and on their own terms. Like we said before, make sure to let her have all the control in the world that she wants. It’ll make things move along so much faster for you, and you’ll have one heck of a hookup if she’s calling all the shots.

Also, you can be sure to enjoy the attention to detail that a lot of Japanese women really pay to their clothes…particularly, their lingerie! Japanese women love cute lingerie and take special care to wear some really nice things when it comes to hookups. They’re also pretty open to wearing the gifts that you give them, so if you want her to wear something nice in particular, make sure you bring it to the hookup (assuming you’ve planned this that far ahead). She’ll be thrilled, and you’ll have one heck of an eyeful to enjoy for the rest of the night.

“Japanese women are cute”
“Japanese women are cute”

Overall, hooking up in Japan isn’t that hard even if you’re an average looking foreigner. Women are into foreigners over there, and you’ll be able to find someone that’s exciting and fun to be with the whole time that you’re there. You might even get lucky and get to have fun with a bunch of them over the expanse of your stay. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Tokyo and its nightlife!

Using Google to Power Stalk Someone Suspected Of Having An Affair

“It’s time to start looking for clues”
“It’s time to start looking for clues”

You might have spent sleepless nights trying to decipher your partner’s actions if she/he is having an affair. You’re suspicion is already making you paranoid and you are now even considering hiring a private investigator. You may even have a friend who is already breaking down from being plagued by his/her suspicion of his his/her partner’s affair and you want to help him/her. Before you do anything too drastic, let the Internet help you confirm if someone is indeed having an affair.
In another scenario, you instantly fell in love with someone you met. You find yourself going out with a date with him/ her quite often. However, you are feeling something that’ not right. She/he seems too good to be true. You want to know everything about him/ her before your relationship goes deeper.
The world’s most popular search engine, Google, will be your best friend in tracking down your lover’s activities and presents to your page results about the person. In just a few keywords and hitting ‘enter’, Google will show you thousands of page results. Using Google will also be a lot easier and faster if a person is subscribing to an online dating service. You can also search for sites for finding affairs and then typing the person’s name.

“Use technology to stalk him”
“Use technology to stalk him”

Starting an affair has become easier because of online dating. There are thousands of online dating services catering to millions of people worldwide. Most online dating service websites have their unique niche. There are even sites for finding affairs that exist for people who want to be in a no-strings-attached relationship.

You can be your own private investigator by going online and searching for any traces of an affair left by your partner. First, you should effectively use Google to your advantage in stalking your partner?

Explore the My Location Feature in Google Map

Hey, you need every clue you can get when you’re stalking. The person you’re trying to stalk may know better and tried to clean after every trace she/he has left. Maybe she/he told you that they would just be out hanging with their friends in a restaurant or bar. If you’re lucky, they might have used this feature in helping his/ her secret sweetheart find their rendezvous place.

Make Use of the Facebook Search Bar

If she/he has not fiddled with his/ her security settings, you can view their information when you click the ‘About’ tab. You can also check out his/ her photos and scan pictures of him/ her with another woman/ man. If you can’t find his/her name, try typing his/ her email address. If that still does not work, omit the last part of the email (@domain.com). When there are search results showing, look for the one whose picture resembles the person. There are a lot of dummy/ poser accounts so you check if it’s the right one. Sometimes, links optimized on Google will also show up and will give you notable information about your lover.

Search via Google Plus

“Keep a track of him via google plus”
“Keep a track of him via google plus”

Google Plus may not be as popular as Facebook, but if she/he has a Gmail account there a chance that you will find the person’s profile. You have lots of ways finding a profile in Google Plus. Unlike on Facebook where you can only type the person’s name or email, Google Plus lets you type the person’s keywords that can be found in his/ her profile. Doing this will give you a more accurate page result of the person’s profile.

Use Google’s Search Bar

You will be amazed when you type a person’s name and there are already multiple pages that are holding information about him/ her. You can see which websites she/he usually subscribes to. Old blogs. Online sites that she/he frequently visits. Most sites for finding affairs also have a very low security system and it can end up in Google’s search results.

Switch to Google Images

Type in the person’s name in a Google Image’s search bar and it will immediately show you results. Look for the person’s picture among the results. When you click the person’s photo, Google Images will show you the source of the photo. Clicking on the link will bring you to the website where it was posted. There could even be a chance that you will be directed to a site for finding affairs.

Find Our More Details through a Specific Search

You can use these details (interests, hobbies, work, address etc.) as keywords to bring you closer to finding the right profile. You can also eliminate irrelevant page results. Try to make your keywords as specific as possible.

Search for Other Social Networking Accounts

Aside from Facebook and Google Plus, there are other social networking sites that she/he may have signed in to. In Linkedin, profiles show a person’s current city, work, employer and school. She/he may also have blog sites such as Tumblr or Blogger. There may be information that you can pick about that will give you an idea if she/he is married or in an affair. In Pipl, you can type in the person’s name, email, username or phone number.

Search in Pipl

Pipl is a people search engine that produces profiles of the person you are searching for. Pipl uses an identity resolution that “can cluster results belonging to a single person into a profile and can even suggest items that are likely to be related to that specific individual”(Pipl’s Identity Resolution). This is one of the search engines available on the Internet that can help you search for the person’s background, information and websites that she/he is using.

Check All the Pages; Leave Nothing Untracked

Some results pages may seem too far to what you think the person subscribes to. She/he may be using a screen name to minimize the result page about him/ her. Taking the time to check each of these pages will help you get to know the person more.

Check Out Hishe/her Affiliations and Associates

If you notice that you can find a person who appears quite often in his/ her photos and contacts, it will give you a clue if the person you are stalking has a relationship. Most often, you can have an idea how he or she treats a person through photo comments or wall posts. This person could be his/her husband/wife/boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Use Your Friend’s Profile

“You can use your friend's profile to stalk your boyfriend”
“You can use your friend’s profile to stalk your boyfriend”

Now, since Google can be easily tracked due to its multiple side-apps, you may also use your friend’s profile (someone she/he doesn’t know) to track your lover. There is a chance that she/he blocked specific people from viewing his/ her profile. When a person tweaks his/ her Facebook’s privacy settings, you will only get a limited access to his information, timeline and photos. You can try asking your friend who wasn’t blocked by the person you are stalking to help you find more about him/ her. Of course this is one of the more desperate moves that can be done.
The Internet is indeed a powerful tool that can help you in finding information you need about a particular person. It can also help you find a suitable partner for an affair. Some of the legit affair online dating sites that are mentioned here: http://affairdatingguide.com/site-reviews/ are excellent affair cheating websites for married people. It has genuine reviews from genuine people to make it easy for the people to choose. Nowadays, search engines such as Google can give you the information you need in just a matter of seconds.
The majority of people already has an account to a social networking site like Facebook and Google Plus these days. Stalking can be a precautionary measure for you so you can end an affair or won’t be involved in one.

Top 10 Tips for Online Dating Success for Getting More Women in Your Life

“Online dating has its perks, enjoy them”

The internet has so defined the dating landscape that any self respecting male with wild oats to sow can definitely go about choosing and picking up dates with the click of a mouse. For the avid male looking to find dating success, what took a lot of time, effort and networking is now easy with the proliferation of adult online dating sites that offer an array of choices. It is now possible to choose dates by geographical location, sexual preference and even status.
Nevertheless, just because adult online dating sites have made it easy to look for women, it doesn’t mean that online dating success is assured. There are many layers to learning the adult dating process. You can check some good sites here: hookupdatingtactics.com. This is a complete site with reviews and guide to help you achieve success in online dating world. But, every male still has to learn the basics of being successful with women. Very much like a war, getting into a girl’s pants requires some serious strategy. If you’re not ready to settle down, it’s not a bad idea to have the occasional fun run with a girl you really like.

Cyber dating per se is not dating

“It’s hard to judge someone’s feeling online”

Much as you would like to believe that it’s the same with up close and personal dating, a date online is like dating in the dark. The cues you would use to understand another person’s feelings and actions while engaged online will not matter once when you’re in each other’s presence. It can happen that for the duration of the online communication, everything is great until that eventual face to face meeting.
What matters are the personal details that form the real picture. Whether or not you want to keep that picture or discard it altogether can only be determined once it is made face to face. No matter how enticing, endearing or charming you may find the person to be, what happens in the real world is what counts in determining the real connection with the girl of your dreams.

What is in it for you?

“It’s a mode to learn about the person before you meet personally”

Always remember: online dating is just a way of getting a general idea or a picture of someone. It is just a place to meet not a place to date. The dating starts when you actually meet, go out, and get to know each other in person. Until then, you are just prospecting. How does this translate to getting more women into your life?
Basically, you are an advertiser. You write brief messages to potential partners to keep their attention. You play on the other person’s interest by using specific tactics. You don’t bore them with long stories when only part of it will do. Once a common agreement is reached, you have the option to bring the relationship into the real world and start the getting to know you process.
Here are some tips to ensure that your online experience can be fruitful enough to result to a real life quality connection:

1. Don’t let your date catch you checking out the profiles of other women. –

Women want to feel that once they have made a connection with you, it’s the start of an exclusive relationship. Even though they may already be in a committed relationship, men by nature are always checking women out. Although they may have no interest in straying, this behavior stems from the desire to feel validated regarding their choice. Ages ago, this kind of behavior was easily disguised and no gentleman would openly admit he was also checking out other women.

2. Guys, don’t misrepresent. –

Due to the anonymity afforded by the internet, many men are tempted to create a persona of what they think would constitute coolness. Because it is difficult to verify personal details, many men can get away with misrepresenting their status or appearance. Guys, this charade can go on for a while but what happens if you find that the girl you just did a number on is actually your soul mate?

3. Don’t be a cad, be courteous. –

Because dating websites encourage the use of usernames that do not necessarily reflect the true identity of the user, some really rude cat calling can happen online. Some websites have reported rude shout outs like “nice legs, when do they open?” Nothing turns a woman off more like cheesy pick up lines and bad manners.

4. Build the Social skills, have lady friends. –

If you don’t have lady friends, chances are your behavior around women can be pathetic. This behavior can be reflected in how you behave towards women online. Try to befriend women without any romantic overtones. Pick their brains, listen to them talk, analyze their concerns. This way, you will get an idea on how to relate to women and impress potential partners long before you have declared an interest in one.

5. Be sincere, don’t copy paste! –

If you want to find a date online, stand out from the crowd, market yourself! Many men who go to dating websites fill out their profiles with a generic description of their personality. Some even go to the extent of copying profiles totally misrepresenting who they are as a person. It’s always nice to start a relationship on good footing. Doing away with deception and being upfront about who you are can actually attract the right kind of girl to you.

6. Be upfront about your intentions. –

It goes without saying, if you are looking for a long term relationship; don’t shy away from saying it out loud. If you only want to have a good time and looking for someone to spend it; be frank as well. Although it may hurt, women may appreciate your honesty and it’s not fair to string someone along who may have invested a lot of time and emotions only to discover that you’re nothing but fool’s gold.

7. Go easy on the emoticons. –

Emoticons are good for flirting. Nevertheless, it’s wise not to use it as your main mode of communication. Women talk in order to relate. Although it may be a colorful exchange, not much can be gleaned from a conversation that uses emoticons. You may as well have been using sign language to a normal person.

“Cyber dating is not the same as real-life dating”

8. Cyber dating is not the same as close and personal dating

– Boys, wake up! You may be interested in a girl and you’ve been stalking her profile for quite some time waiting for a nice opportunity to smoothly segue into a suave introduction. Nothing happens officially unless, you decide to take it to the next level. This means planning for a face to face meeting and taking the time to establish it. Women will know you’re serious and the chance of you getting into a relationship is higher.

9. Watch out for red flags. –

It goes without saying that despite being honest and upfront, not all women will behave admirably towards you. True success in adult online dating sites also means being judicious in the kind of company you keep and not hooking up with the wrong girl for you. If something doesn’t add up or sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is. Practice some safety nets and avoid getting unnecessarily burned.

10. Go slowly and proceed with caution. –

True relationships take time to build. Do not rush into things and always play it by ear. Time will be the true test of your success. Online dating success does not necessarily have to translate to a lot of girlfriends. Sometimes, finding the right person for you may be all that you need in order to succeed.

10 Questions To Ask Other Swinger Couples At Your First Meeting

“Get to know them first”
“Get to know them first”

Meeting a couple on the best swingers dating sites to have casual fun with is all well and good but take the time to get to know the couple that you decide to meet slightly before you jump straight into bed with them. By asking them certain questions you will be able to understand more about them and also access what your time with them is going to be like and if you would like to see them again. You can also visit swingers-dating-guide.com and Read Reviews Of The Best Swinger Dating Sites Online. You can choose from the best swingers dating sites and then ask a swinger couple any amount of questions.

Meet the couple in a public location to start with

“Plan to meet at a public location”
“Plan to meet at a public location”

Ask the couple where they would like to meet up and suggest a public place where you can have a chat. If things go well you can always go back to your place or theirs afterwards. You don’t want to meet up privately and not get along or not find each other attractive because that could make for an entirely uncomfortable situation. Meeting somewhere where you can relax and have a few drinks is recommended like a bar or restaurant. Remember to the waiters, you are just old friends going for a catch up not potential sex partners learning more about each other so don’t feel embarrassed or reserved. If you want to meet at your home straight away then that’s no problem as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Find out how often they swing and if they are fit and healthy

These two questions can make for awkward conversations especially if you have not talked with the couple at length before but they are necessary. If you are a beginner in the industry, find out about their status and feelings about the subject of swinging. They too could be beginners and if that is the case, you can expect some nervousness on their part just like you are nervous too. They could be old regulars and have several partners who they frequently meet up with. Finding this out will mean that you can come up with some sort of plan like which couple is going to take the lead.etc. No matter how many sexual partners they have had, whether while swinging or in their past personal life – it is important that you find out that both members of the couple are free from any sexual transmitted infections. Many swingers get tested regularly for anything that they may have picked up and many have a piece of paper from their GP to say that they are clean. When you know this, it means that you can relax fully into the encounter and not have to worry about possible consequences that are waiting for you right around the corner. It goes without saying that you should always stay safe during sex; if a couple insist on not wearing condoms then alarm bells should be ringing in your head.

Learn a little about their life in general

“Know more about their day to day life”
“Know more about their day to day life”

Establishing some small details about the couples life is important so that you have a common ground apart from the agreed sex that is about to occur. You do not have to learn their life story but knowing the basics is important in seeing what kind of people they are. This also means that you will have something to talk about when you are not engaging in physical acts and will make the dynamic between the four of you more comfortable. Some people make friends for life from something that starts off entirely as a swinger relationship. Of course you are not obliged to do this and can keep the meetings purely about sex if this is something that you would prefer; it is purely up to you and your mindset.

Find out what they want to get out of it

Find out what they hope to get out of the swinging. For most couples it is purely about one off sex, some are looking for regular encounters with the same couple but you might find some who want to invite a couple into their relationship on a deeper level. You can find out a lot about a couple by asking this question and it is important to probe in order to discover if you are on the same wavelength as you. Looks can be deceiving and what seem to be a happy go lucky couple might turn into a creepy stalker situation in rare circumstances. Look to see if the couple seems comfortable both with each other and with you. Do not mistake nervousness for second thoughts but try and establish whether one wants the swinging to happen more than the other.

Setting out some rules between couples is important

“Set some ground rules beforehand”
“Set some ground rules beforehand”

Many couples have ‘rules’ what it comes to getting down and dirty with each other’s partners and this is for a good reason. These rules help avoid any emotional connection and set out the path for your time together without there being any awkwardness. If you find a couple who have boundaries, that is a good thing because it shows that there is a line that they are not willing to cross and that they want to remain faithful to each other. Many couples do not allow their partners to kiss the other person on the lips or do other intimate acts that are best left for each other. Have the rules sorted BEFORE you start having sex with each other, this will keep the relationship good with your partner and with the other couple involved. Establish some sort of code word with your partner so if at any time you feel uncomfortable and want to put things to an end, you can say so without feeling embarrassed.

Make arrangements to meet again or move on and find another couple

If you enjoy the company, the sex and the general atmosphere between you and the other couple then why not arrange to meet again? This is of course something that would need to be asked after the sex has taken place and not before. Hopefully this will just be the start of a hot and steamy relationship that will only benefit both you and your partner. You will have course have swapped numbers or email addresses already so if you would prefer to talk about things with your partner before you make second arrangements then that is fine. Get their details and get in touch at a later date to make further arrangements if you wish to do so. If things did not go quite as you would have hoped and something was missing from the mix then don’t feel obliged to meet up again. The huge amount of best swingers dating sites that are out there means that you have your pick of the bunch and don’t need to feel committed to one couple.


Swinging is a fun way to spice up a relationship that is already a loving one but don’t experiment with the first couple that you meet without asking them questions first. Use best swingers dating sites to find people who you have things in common with and can talk to easily. Get to know them and ask them questions that might be a little awkward to come out with at first. Have a few drinks and when you feel relaxed enough with the situation, go with it and have fun.

Drunk Sex: Should You Try It? 10 Tips To Do It Right If You Decide To!

“Get drunk and start having some fun”
“Get drunk and start having some fun”

There is nothing like having sex when you’re intoxicated. It’s fun, it makes you feel dangerous, and it gets the blood going for hours and hours on end. Does it matter who you have drunk sex with? Is it more fun when you do it with some random person you met at the bar or on a party, or should you just do it with the guy you’re exclusively going out with? Or better yet, would it be much safer if you do it with your husband? These questions are normal because there have been way too many incidences of drunk sex that did not end all too well. You are going to find a lot of this when looking for reviews of sex dating sites.

You can also check various sites to get some more insights but make sure that you choose a legit site only. If you check benaughty.com and the ratings it got, you’ll be shocked. Read the benaughty review and check all the other reviews of sex dating sites to make the right choice.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter who you do it with, but when you do, you need to remember that you still need to take responsibility of your actions come morning light. So whether you choose to finish up that whole bottle of wine is up to you, but you can’t ignore the fact that drunken sex comes with certain expectations.

And Consequences

“Don’t end up being miserable”
“Don’t end up being miserable”

But sometimes, you just really need to get laid. And to have hot drunk sex is like throwing caution to the wind even if the wind is full of caution. So with all the forewarnings out of the way, assuming that you can still think straight, here are a few things you need to know to make the experience more fun, more memorable (even if you choose to forget), and more exquisite.

It’s No Big Deal

Just like what we said earlier, having drunk sex is sort of like a relief to some people because it’s the perfect time to throw caution to the wind. Consider it as something that you can cross off your bucket list once you’re done.

So relax your senses and don’t make a big deal out of it. That is what drunken sex is all about. Take advantage of your liquid emotions and your jelly knees when it comes to being frisky. Enjoy the heady sensation of being bathed in wet, heavy kisses because it can only get wild from there. It’s no big deal. It’s just sex. But it might very well be one of the best lovemaking sessions you are ever going to have.

Put On Some Sexy Music

“Let your body move with the music”
“Let your body move with the music”

Music always sets the mood, even reviews of sex dating sites will agree with you. It’s rhythmic foreplay at its best, and it helps dissipate the clunkiness that you feel when you got stiff because of too much alcohol. It helps your head put the spinning room in perspective. And it’s a good way to drown out the heavy drunken breathing.

Whether you’re into slow 90’s rhythm and blues jam or would like something a little faster, it’s totally up to you. As they say, feel the magic with the beat.

Intensify the Haze

Your head feels heavy. Your breath, hot and deep. Your vision is blurry, almost hazy. You can hardly think straight, which is always a good start when feeling the desire. One good way to make things a lot more hot and heavy before you do the deed is by turning the lights down low. Which means that if you don’t have dim lights at home, or simply don’t have the time to change the bulb from bright to blue or red, you can always just choose to leave a light on from a distance, like in the bathroom and just open the door a crank to immerse the room with as little light as possible.

Why you ask? It puts you in a sexy mood. It’s sort of like when you’re at a bar and everything’s all dim and you can barely see each other but you can still faintly make out the people who are trying to rub their bodies against each other. It’s sexy and you know it.

Fast forward to your bedroom and you see you and your partner soaked up in sweat, lust, and a pale glow that puts both of you in a dream-like cloud, moving in and out of the shadows, touching, caressing, getting frantic, slowing down, exchanging lusty looks, and back again. Ah, the magic of drunken sex. No wonder it never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re young or old, it’s always a sure fire way to set you in the mood.

Tease with Your Body

“Let your body language do the talking for you”
“Let your body language do the talking for you”

There’s so much that your body can say without you having to speak a word. One smooth move can send shivers up and down his spine, making him want you all the more. Being drunk can make you do so many things that you can’t get yourself to do when you’re sober, and you should take advantage of it. Tease, flirt, gyrate, and moan. You can be surprised at just how good you are. And if you’re looking for an excuse to explore your sensuality, you can start by drinking just before you get it on with your partner. You are going to be a whole lot more adventurous that way, without fear of what you can show and how far you can go with him.

Be Smart

“Don’t get knocked up”
“Don’t get knocked up”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Even before all that frenzied intoxicated state you’re in you should never ever forget to practice safe sex. Remember that what you actually want to happen is to go wild and daring, but that doesn’t really include doing anything stupid.

So remember to pack up the condom, wherever you decide to do it. Whether you go to your home, at his place, at some hotel, or a parked car, pull out the plastic, rip it up, and put it on. Trust us; you are going to enjoy it more that way. There is no more need to worry about bigger, much more catastrophic consequences after. Remember that you’re after a dream-like state. What you don’t want to happen is to swim away from a nightmare you’re not ready to have yet, if you know what I mean. You are going to find a lot of this when in search for reviews of sex dating sites but you must not forget yourself while doing it.

And there really is no need to worry about him judging you, drunk or not. You should always exhude confidence, regardless if you have clothes or naked as your name day. You’re a real woman, for crying out loud! Who cares about that scar or those stretch marks you’ve been obsessing too much about? Give him the ride of his life! You are going to be flattered to find out he is going to remember how amazing everything felt even when he’s already sobered up.

You might wake up in the morning with the worst hangover, a massive headache and pain in the muscles you never even thought you had. If you need to sneak out, do so by leaving a thank you note on his nightstand. Don’t forget your manners. You can also give him a quick peck on the cheek. If he wakes up, you might just get lucky again, despite the soreness. But don’t let the sober daredevil in you forget good hygiene. Make sure you have clean fresh breath. Go and brush your teeth!

Getting To Know The Main Differences Between Tablets And Laptops

It’s not that you don’t know what tablets are, especially during this time when they are such a big fad. PC tablets had been out in the market for awhile but it’s only circa 2010 that they have become affordable for everyone’s consumption. Despite the popularity of tablets, laptops and ultrabooks, there are still those who are less familiar with the main differences of these gadgets and they’re seemingly clueless on what to buy or use. So that you will be guided accordingly the main differences between tablets and laptops shall be discussed in the next few paragraphs.

Size, Weight and Input

The first and most apparent difference between tablets and laptops is their size. Laptops generally appear larger than tablets and of course the latter are lightweight. The former have bigger screens and are equipped with the regular keyboard and navigation touch-pad which make laptops convenient to use. Tablets, on the other hand, come handy, have touch screen and virtual keyboard. Compared to laptops, tablets have speedier start-up time. These also have excellent battery life that may last 8 to 10 hours which is considerably longer than laptops do. If your tasks are quite intensive then you’d be better with a laptop. However, if you wish for something that’s handier- tablets would be a good choice.


Laptops can connect to the Internet via WLAN or through wireless connection/wifi while tablets can only connect via the latter or through some 3G technology. This is primarily because tablets are created for media purposes such as browsing the internet for eBooks, music and movies. If the main purpose is on data banking or encoding documents you definitely should go for laptops.

Difference Between a Laptop
Difference Between a Laptop

Resolution and Processor

Screen resolutions of laptops and tablets also differ. You may find tablets (though smaller) with better resolution than laptops. Tablets also tend to have smaller processors, usually ranging from 8G to 64G but they still operate fast.


Laptops are generally cheaper than tablets especially compared to the most popular brand of PC tablets, Apple’s iPad. Other companies such as Samsung, Dell and Motorola also have their own version of the tablet.


Laptops tend to perform more efficiently than tablets do because they have faster hardware. Nonetheless, tablets also have the edge over laptops in terms of their touch display wherein some imaging applications such as Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop can work best.

Differences between watching
Differences between watching

Are you still confused what to choose between a laptop and a tablet? Do not get baffled. Remember to opt for the one which best suits your needs, is more affordable and of course, durable. Now that you know the main differences between laptops and tablets, picking the right gadget should not be hard for you.

Breaking Up With Your Partner Gently

Breaking up is no fun. You are probably hurting in between fights with your partner long before you’ve decided to head on for the break-up. Sometimes, the mental pressure is just too much to bear that couples often refuse to even “go there”. But when a relationship goes sour, no matter how serious, then the inevitable has to happen.

When breaking up with a partner, you don’t want to add more emotional damage than what you might have already done. Only the mature of individuals would take break-ups as just a certain kind of process of elimination – something better is coming along. You know what they say, all is fair in love and war; if the situation is no longer working favorably in both ways, then something’s got to give.

So how do you properly end a relationship?

1. Keep in mind that the one you’re breaking up with is somebody you once loved. Give your respect. No matter how much you try to claim that it is your partner’s fault that caused the break-up, somehow you also took part in it. You can’t be that perfect. Badmouthing each other in the process of a break-up will do you no good. Aim to leave the relationship with your dignities still intact.

Breaking up with your partner
Breaking up with your partner

2. If it calls for it, say your piece in a manner that’s not hurtful. If you do this then you can expect your partner to be true to you as well without being cruel in his or her criticisms over you. In other words, be tactful. Studies show that couples embed in their memories the painful break-up than the long period of good times together. Try your best to not leave a lasting negative impression with your partner just because you want to give him or her piece of your mind. Some things are still better left unsaid . . . in the meantime.

3. Women in particular need closure to get over a relationship completely. Men are not too particular about it; the less they talk about it the better it is for them. If its closure that is needed so that both can move forward, then give it as it requires so that none of you will hang on to the thought of any “unfinished business”.

How to gently break up with
How to gently break up with

A bad break-up should not stop you from believing that relationships can be successful. Considering that people come from different walks of life, different culture or even the way they were brought up, should prepare you to the idea that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It is always a work in progress. If these differences exist and the relationship is too important, know that minor adjustments in attitudes and understanding towards each other are all it takes to make a relationship work.

Great Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Be More Active And Get In Shape

More and more children are out of shape, overweight and even obese in today’s United States. Many children spend most of the day inside and never get the level of exercise that they need to be healthy. If you are worried that your children are not in good shape, you may just need a few simple ideas that can really help. Keep reading for some great tips on getting your children off the couch and moving again.

Your children look to you as an example of how to behave, so if you spend hours sitting on the couch watching TV, they are going to think that this is proper behavior. Turn off the TV and go outside with your kids. The more time you spend outside and the more exercise you do, the more your kids will think that doing so is normal. Try to set a good example for your children that they will want to follow.

Benefits of outdoor sports activities for kids

An organized sport or other outdoor activity can be a great tool for helping your children stay active. Most communities have many different options available, from team sports such as soccer or basketball to other activities such as dance or swimming. See what your children are interested in and let them try out several different sports to see which they enjoy most. Even if they are not particularly talented, just being active will keep them in good shape.

Get moving together.
Get moving together.

Of course, being active is only half of the equation. You also need to keep a close eye on what your children eat. If they stuff themselves with junk food or eat greasy, fried fast food, all of the physical activity in the world won’t keep them from being unhealthy. Make sure that your family is eating a healthy diet. Try to instill good eating habits in your children that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Take a walk with your kids

Taking a long walk with your kids is a great way to get some exercise while having some time together as a family. If you live near a park, you can go hiking or explore the park for a few hours. Even if you live in a city, just walking around the different parts of the city can be fun. You can turn your walks into a game by seeing how many different kinds of birds you can spot, or having a scavenger hunt.

Many towns and cities have parks scattered throughout them, so take your kids to the park for some exercise. Let them run around on the playground and burn off some calories. While they are playing, you can also get some exercise by walking around the park, doing some jogging or just playing with them. Working up a sweat with your kids at the park is a great way to end the day.

Take a walk with your kids
Take a walk with your kids

Every parent wants to make sure that their children develop good habits that will keep them healthy and fit for the rest of their lives. However, sometimes it can seem impossible to help your children resist the lure of television and junk food. With the tips from this article, you can put your children on the right path to a lifetime of good health.

3 Important Rules to Remember in Investing Technology Stocks

2013 is said to be the best year to invest on Tech stocks; although you will never be too sure. You need to have your facts straightened out before jumping into the bandwagon and investing on stocks that is not as good as it seems to be.

So if you are a newbie in the stock market and would like to try your hands on tech stocks, here are 3 rules that will serve as a reminder you need to stick to ensure you don’t get burn.

  1. Don’t go ahead of yourself. You need to start small. There is no sure win in trading as there will always be risk of loses. That is why you need to start small and learn what you can along the way. This is the best way to educate you with what is there. This is applicable to all types of stock.

  2. Do your assignment. Research. Entering into the stock market means you are up against experts and novice alike. There are those who made trading their bread and butter and really invested on it so don’t take this for granted. You will need to have tech knowledge too to recognize a tech stock for what it is. However, you have to be neutral on your technology preferences as well. You must be object because you can’t invest on a stock of a technology just because you like it. Don’t let your emotion rule your investment strategy.

There are stock sites that you can visit to get hard facts about a tech stock. Better yet, join forums for a live sharing of knowledge. There are also financials and annual reports that you can read for more insights and tips.

Remember that you are investing on the company, not the product it sells. A good product is not a factor being considered in investment. You will need to research a company’s financial information. Read annual report for a company’s finances, your competitive threats and on the risks a stock presents. Your technical skill or knowledge is not enough to bring you to a win in investment. You need to research to gain more knowledge.

  1. Work on building your portfolio. You have to build a collection of stock history and assets in your arsenal of knowledge for the trade. Building a portfolio depends on your preferences, knowledge and of course experience. This means that if you invest on tech stocks, you will need to have basic knowledge on technology and its trade and some experience.

Investors find sweet spot in tech stocks
Investors find sweet spot in tech stocks

Building your tech stock portfolio requires the following rules:

  • Know your tech stock and understand it.

  • Invest on short term assets first and see how it goes. A long-term asset is a good investment if you can afford it in the long run and you have a portfolio to back it up.

  • Keep it at a low cost.

market's biggest stock by
market’s biggest stock by

3 Tips To Effectively Manage A Small Team

Looking for the top 3 tips to effectively manage a small team? Then you can rest assured you are reading the right article. Small teams banded together for the overall success of the firm has become a prominent group model for effective management.

Whether you are working with freelancers, standard workers or telecommuting employees, learning how to get such a group to work together will increase your rates of success dramatically. The use of technology and staffing techniques will serve as your core assets in making the most out of such a force. Following as some tips to get your team to give you better results:

1. Use Effective Communication Strategies

Communication is very important when it comes to organizing smaller work forces. Whether you use face to face communication or video conferencing, ensure that your message is well relayed.

There are different communications channels open to the typical manager today. From video conferencing using free web- based platforms to sending out simple emails, ensure you glue every individual within the small work force together.

You can use software systems to manage your communication files and emails easily. Apart from creating labels and folders that are necessary to the organization of the team, you will be able to create filters which automatically draw in messages from some people, with specific subject lines or which were submitted through some web forms to the correct folders. The clearer the communication channels and messages, the more effective your employees will be.

Project Management Tips for
Project Management Tips for

2. Treat Projects Uniquely

Instead of relying on a single approach to address all the needs of your clients, give your small team the independence they need to develop the best action method for every individual client. Ensure that each of the approaches is communicated early in advance to those working on different projects.

This will give the employees the chance they need to be flexible and to communicate about the project. In the long run, this will make the small teams concentrate on what they are best at.

3. Synchronize Everything

The goal of any small team is to function as one scheduling unit. This will go a long way in giving you the results you are looking for. However, it is impossible to make your small teams of employees work coherently without synchronizing them.

To this end, ensure you synchronize the calendars, the tasks and the goals that each of your employees have. Bring these together and make them work for the greater good of your business.

The point of each technique discussed above is easy to grasp. Of course, management has the ultimate goal of smoothing out communication, synchronizing tasks and responsibilities and smoothing out any differences that may arise within the company.

Once you learn how to make this work out for you and for your firm, the projects you undertake will be completed in time and everyone will be satisfied with the outcome. In the long run, everyone will know their place within the firm. Therefore you will no longer have to watch over your team of employees all the time to get the results you anticipate. This is why it is so crucial that you learn how to effectively manage a small team of employees from the word “go!”